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MicroSE Web Framework
MicroSE Web Framework is a new framework based on the existing MicroSE Framework for .NET. The web framework exists of different sub projects that can be used separately or as a whole.

Javascript, HTML and CSS The front-end of the framework will be created in javascript. This will contain features for access and display of data and the website / webapplication.

.NET / PHP The back-end of the framework, will be created in the form of a service bus. This will create a possibility to use different distinct parts of the framework and even extend it with other framworks.
In .NET this will be created using the OWIN interface.
13-01-2015 12:35 website
Next to my website for my trademark / software (MicroSE) am I also developing a personal website.

This new site will get an updated version of the Framework (MSEWF PHP) in comparison to the official MicroSE Website.

This new site is Dutch only